Xpu- Ha Beach Engagement photo shoot near Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Xpu-Ha Beach is a short way south of Playa del Carmen, Mexico next to Bel-Air Resort. (Xpu-Ha is pronounced Shpoo-Ha) This beach is AMAZING.    It doesn’t have the crowds as the other beaches close to town.  I was talking to a man who told me that there used to be two big resorts there but after a hurricane they never rebuilt them.  Now there is a little trailer park on the beach and it is a cozy locals place.  It is also a little hard to find since the sign on the road is really small. We drove past it the first time, had to turn around and almost drove past it again! But because of the lack of crowds  I knew this would be a great spot for this photo shoot.  To be honest it wasn’t a real engagement shoot, but my good friends helping model.   But they did a good job! They look like they are in love.  I also included a photo of our friend that followed us around for the whole shoot.  He was a puppy and wanted to get every bird he could.  He then dug up a crab and proceeded to bark at it.   What a great day.  If you want engagement photos, or any other photos on Xpu- Ha beach I know one photographer that would be happy to help.   (It’s me, in case you didn’t know.)

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