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Winter wonderland famliy session at Washoe Lake State Park

Frazier Family Edit_014_blogBoy was today cold.  I think the temperature was (and I’m not exaggerating) 7 degrees Fahrenheit?  In fact we only had about 10 minutes shooting because frozen children are not happy children.  And let me tell you neither is a frozen photographer.   Even the dog refused to play in the snow and went back to sit in the car.   So, ya, we had to hurry.  But the new fallen snow was beautiful and for 10 minutes, we got some keepers.  (It helps to have cute kids!)   Enjoy.   Frazier Family Edit_017_blogFrazier Family Edit_022_blogFrazier Family Edit_016_blogFrazier Family Edit_015_blog  Frazier Family Edit_008_blog

Frazier Family Edit_002_blog


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