Welcome to the world Michael, a newborn photography shoot in Reno

Michael and I were supposed to meet a little earlier, how ever his skin had other ideas.  Once the redness when down I got to meet this beautiful sweet baby.  He was born at 9lbs and over 20 inches he was a big little man.  He is now even bigger.   It is so amazing how fast they grow and they don’t look new for very long.  He even could lift his head a bit.  Seriously? At 3 weeks?? He was awake when I got to the house so we played a little then after a feeding I rocked him to sleep. And then we got to place him exactly how we wanted.  I just want to say that it is so much fun playing with babies.  They have a special energy that nothing else in the universe has.  The best part about photographing them is I can come and play and when I give them back to mom and dad I still get a good night’s sleep.


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