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Things We Love: Dog theme for a little boy’s room

So we are starting a new string here on the Twig & Turtle blog called “Things We Love.” Every week we will try and introduce you to something new that, like the title says, we love.  This could be a toy or a dress or decorations for a room.   Really anything.  If you have suggestions, please send them to us!

When decorating a nursery or child’s room there are so many options many that cost a lot of money.  However if you hit up the antique and junk stores, raid Grandma’s house, or search those garage sales you can find little treasures that are completely unique and will give your child’s room character and personality with out having to spend a lot of money.  You can also shop your own house and see what items relate though color, theme and style and you pull your collection from there.

This a collection of dog items, book ends, a pillow and little picture. They are masculine and would look very sweet in a little boy’s room. But look closer.  The red from the books ties in with the red in the pillow and the red in the dogs collar.  Also the background colors in the pillow matches the background of the framed dogs picture. Even the patina of the book ends matches the pillow and framed picture.   These are items I have in my own home, and I got them years apart.  My friend gave me the bookends right after we got out of college.  The pillow she gave me from her mothers house eight years later and the framed art I found at an antique show for $5.   They all used to live in different rooms but together they make a great unified collection. And I didn’t spend a lot of money.

What are some of your favorite collections to put in a room?

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