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Things We Love: Old Southwest Reno Engagement shoot

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I love to travel to far away places.  Europe is my favorite because I love the old stone walls, the colorful houses, and all the bikes.   Reno is far from Europe, both physically and metaphorically speaking.   When I’m out and driving around I take mental notes of little places in Reno that evoke the same emotion that I get when I’m traveling.   I love to search out walls, parks, houses, any backdrop that looks like it would fit somewhere in a little hamlet in England.  These are great things to think about when thinking about what kind of setting or feeling you want to evoke during your photography session.

This is exactly what I did for Brian and Megan’s engagement session last Sunday.   Reno doesn’t have the same green you would find in Europe, nor the old stone buildings, but the Old Southwest neighborhood does have lots of great walls, and colorful homes to use as a backdrop.  The trees are just starting to bloom and I try to take every advantage of the earth waking up from winter’s nap.  I borrowed a friends tandem bike because, bikes + stone walls= feeling of Europe.  So with specific places in mind we set out to make some magic.

[galleria height=”597″ width=”980″]

What are some of your favorite places to travel to?   Are there any spots in Reno that evoke those same feelings or emotions?   What is your favorite Reno neighborhood?  Don’t be shy, feel free to leave a comment.   You know you want to!

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