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Things We love: Do it Yourself Wedding Invitations with help from the Graphics Fairy

Well this Tuesday’s Things We Love is all about The Graphics Fairy and the story of how I found her.  **Cue the dream music**

A couple of days ago I was in need of a bird drawing that I could print out and color.  I love the Victorian style drawings.  So I was searching the web for images when I came across The Graphics Fairy.  She is amazing! Not only does she offer up high quality, high res vintage images and clip art for free, but she also shows you crafty things you can do with them.

I created this wedding invitation with one simple graphic from her site and some lovely fonts you can find for free on  The good thing about making your own is you get exactly what you want.  No one else has on exactly like it, and it is usually cheaper than having someone else do it.  Also it is fun people!  You can find all sorts of paper that would be beautiful and easy to print on at any online paper store, or the folks at Paper Moon in Reno can help you out.


If you are in need for decor for a little kids room here are some examples of what you could print and frame, for cheap! Imagine these prints (there is a third zebra not shown here)  as a series of framed pictures over a crib or a dresser.

So with a little imagination, maybe some scissors and glue the ideas and possibilities are endless and **free!**  Well, I guess you have to buy the supplies.  So get crafty and have fun and thank the The Graphics Fairy!  What other ideas do you like for invites or children’s walls?

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