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Things We Love: Wedding Paper Decor, how to personalize your wedding venue

Today we are talking about creating a theme for your wedding.   Every bride wants her wedding to be special and memorable.   And if money is no limit, it is easy to achieve.  However most brides do have budgets and figuring out where to spend the money can be daunting.   Coming up with a theme is one way to personalize your wedding and it helps you to direct the decorations so there is a cohesive plan.

Weddings can be as expensive or as modest as you like, but with a little imagination and some crafts you can turn any wedding into an individualized affair for not too much money. Remember, if you make it yourself you create the unequaled wedding that no one else can duplicate.

One example is this vintage travel theme from Hostess Blog.

This photo from Hostess Blog shows how one couple used paper in their theme.

Paper is one of the most mailable and cost-effective ways to dress up an area. By using simple sheets of paper you can create a visually stunning backdrop for photos, or to hide an ugly view.  Here they used three tones to keep the color scheme simple and solid.  

The best thing about weddings today is that you can really let your own personalities come through while still embracing a few older traditions and you don’t have to break the bank.  Just remember a theme should drive your wedding, but too much of a theme can make it seem a bit like Disneyland on crack.  Editing is a great tool.  With a little research and imagination your wedding will be completely unique.   But don’t take my word for it. 

Paper and magnets were glued to the back side of marbles for quick and easy wedding favors.

What simple and cost-effective tricks for weddings or parties have you seen?  What made them so special and memorable? Read more about this vintage travel wedding at Hostess Blog.

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