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Things We Love: Decorating a Child’s Room with Globes

It’s Tuesday again and we are posting another Things We Love.   Last Tuesday I said it would be stenciled curtains, but you know how when life gets in the way, somethings get pushed back.  So next week will be curtains, and this week you will have to settle for globes.

What a great idea for a child’s room!    Globes are fun to look at, and also provide a great hit of color.  They come in many different sizes and some even glow.  They are good for both girls and boys,  I remember fondly looking at the map my dad hung in my room.  (I also remember staring at the map next to my desk in grade school.  I would study that instead of doing my math work.)  But I digress.

You can find old globes at antique stores for not too much money.  This one I picked up for about $25.  Even though I can’t find a written date on it there, is one way to date globes.  You can tell the age range of a globe by looking at different countries.  Some countries were renamed after events in history.  And if you know the dates of those events you can compare to see the approximate age of the globe.  For instance current day Sri Lanka used to be called Ceylon, but was renamed on on May 22, 1972.  So I know this globe is older than 1972.   Maybe not worth much, other than a history lesson and a nice object for a shelf.

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