Rachellee & Allan’s Reagan Beach Wedding, South Lake Tahoe


When I arrived in the Tahoe Keys to photograph Rachelle & Allan’s wedding it was the typical pre-wedding rush around.  The guys had to go out and get more beer, the girls were getting hair and make up done.  The kids were running around trying to find the excitement.  I started photographing the rings, the shoes, the hair and makeup, the tying of  ties.  Then I asked for the wedding dress.  One little hitch– Rachelle’s mom was still sewing the wedding dress.  Yes you heard that right.  She was still working on it.  Furiously.  Rachelle had designed the dress and mom had sewn it.  Well almost.  Pretty soon the men were all dressed, all the women were dressed (except the bride) and  all the photos of the guys were done and it was time to get to Reagan Beach, where the ceremony was to be held.  And mom was still sewing.  And since everyone knows you can’t have a wedding with out a bride, nor can the bride show up with out her dress, everyone just laughed and had to wait.  (I hope it makes for a good tale to tell the grand kids one day.)  The dress complete, the ceremony and reception at Blue Angel Cafe were full of smiles and love and laughter.  I love how each wedding has its own special story to tell, and I love telling it.  Rachelle and Allan, thanks for letting me tell yours!

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