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Pyramid Lake Summer Fun Photography


Pyramid fun 0002Me: I found this great spot at Pyramid Lake to shoot photos.  Field trip?

My friend Miko:  Huh,  we were going to go to Tahoe.

Me: Tahoe is crowded.  No one understands how awesome Pyramid is.

Miko: I have never been to Pyramid, only driven by.

Me: Well now is your chance.  Lets go!

(after the shoot)  Miko: I can’t believe how awesome Pyramid Lake is.  Who knew?

I did.

It was over 100 degrees, and the Nevada sun was beating down on us, but our spot near the shore of this ancient lake was perfect.  The wind, blowing off the water, provided us a cool breeze. The temperature of the water was perfect and when the time was right so was the lighting.  Miko and her boyfriend Josh are a great couple. They are not engaged and they don’t want to be, but they love each other and are partners just the same.  We also got some shots of Miko’s new tattoo which she designed with the help artist Stephanie Cootware. The tattoo took 16 hours to complete.  It commemorates her brother, who passed away,  and honors her family. It is spectacular.

“It is a memorial tattoo incorporating designs my brother had for his own octopus tattoo.” Miko said.  “it also includes the tree of life and the ideas of the interconnectedness of conscious beings.  Is makes me feel close to him in strange ways.  I have always liked the strength and idea of a tree tattoo.”

Miko’s sister also got a memorial tree tattoo for their brother.  “While our designs are completely different, it makes me feel closer to her as well.” Miko said.

Tattoos, lovers, rocks and a big lake. We had a great time basking in the sun like lizzards (but without the pushups.)  And since it was a fun photo day, I even stepped in front of the camera got a rare shot of myself.  Enjoy!

  Pyramid fun 0003 Pyramid fun 0004 Pyramid fun 0005 Pyramid fun 0006 Pyramid fun 0007Pyramid fun 0001 Pyramid fun 0008

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