Love Story: Same Sex Wedding Copenhagen

Love Story: Same Sex Wedding Copenhagen

Megan + Liz

8 years ago I photographed my first same-sex marriage. It was in the US and it was illegal. Times fortunately have changed, but in Denmark it has been legal for at least the last 31 years. According to the City of Copenhagen, the world’s first registered partnership was on 1October 1989, at Copenhagen City Hall. In 2010, gay couples were given the opportunity to adopt on an equal footing with heterosexual couples. And in 2012, the first gay couple was married in the church.

Denmark remains a progressive country that welcomes people to get married without prejudice. Because love is love. Many couples travel from abroad to Copenhagen because it is easier to get married here.

Liz and Megan got married at Copenhagen City Hall, on a fresh winter day. Liz came from England and Megan from the USA, but they live and work in Copenhagen as musicians. The wedding was at Copenhagen City Hall, with loads of friends and family. After the ceremony we took family photos, and then wandered the back streets of Copenhagen. Our walk took us over cobblestone streets streets to Christiansborg Palace. We ended up being reunited with the party as they loaded onto a boat for a tour of the canals. It was a perfect day and the most beautiful couple. It was a pleasure to document their day.


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