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A family story:

on Roskilde Fjord

The day was hot, although you could feel the autumn wind on your cheeks. Ditte had seen the pictures I took for the Mommy Blog. She was very excited about her family photo session at Roskilde Fjord. When we met by the water, I fell in love with her two beautiful girls, Eva at 8 and Naja at 5. When Naja asked if she could hold my hand as we walked down to the beach, my heart melted. That was the moment I knew it was going to be a great family photo shoot.

The girls and parents were so fun and open and we walked back and forth, climbing and jumping and playing. We found some dandelions and enjoyed blowing in the wind.

The best reason to take pictures outside is that children and adults are given the opportunity to relax, play and show their personalities. Those experiences become a family story that can hang on the wall. When the family sees the pictures, they remember a good day out in nature, instead of sitting still in front of a canvas at a studio. It is also a time capsule of your family which is difficult to capture in a studio setting.

(All seasons have their charm. (Yes, even winter!)

Locations outside a studio are always best, because Denmark has the most beautiful nature. Why not use it?

Several Danes think you are a little silly when I say that it is just so exotic when you see an old dinghy by the beach, tall grass waving in the wind, and the blue-white colors of the water. But for this American it is! Exotic and romantic. So Danish, and so very beautiful.


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