Playa del Carmen couples photography shoot

bob and trish blog smalls_01When I  met Bob and Trish I immediately felt like part of the family.  Both on their second marriage, they met while living in Miami Fla., and fell in love with Playa del Carmen on a vacation.  They soon realized they could make the move to Mexico and the rest, as they say, is history.  Bob and Trish are part of the big ex-pat community of Americans and Canadians living in the Riviera Maya.  The day of the photo shoot I met Bob and Trish at at their local Rotary Club meeting in Playa de Carmen.  The club meets a Barro Negro and the members are so warm and welcoming. After a great lunch we walked the half block to the beach in front of  the Makekal Beach Resort.   I can not overstate how beautiful it is here.  Bob and Trish were so much fun and we shot on the beach and then walked in land to finish.  Then it was back to Barro Negro for some after photography drinks.  Hey, it is warm and you need to hydrate right?  Er, ya. Right.


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