Not your average headshots photo shoot in Verdi

Stephanie was so much fun to work with.  You may recall our post about art education and Stephanie won the shoot in a the raffle.  Stephanie is an opera singer and needed some head shots.  I explain that we don’t do the average corporate (I think boring) head shots.  You know the one where the person is sitting in front of a plain back ground–nothing special to set them apart..  I think of those more as mug shots and we aim at Twig & Turtle Photography to show everyone as individuals and make them look as good as possible.   She was excited and didn’t want the normal head shots.  So we picked a location, and she brought three outfits to swap.   The lighting was magical as was the little puffs of cotton floating on the summers breeze.    

Stephanie edit_003
Stephanie edit_002
Stephanie edit_001
Stephanie edit_004
Stephanie edit_005
Stephanie edit_006
Stephanie edit_007
Stephanie edit_008
Stephanie edit_009
Stephanie edit_010
Stephanie edit_011
Stephanie edit_012
Stephanie edit_013
Stephanie edit_014
Stephanie edit_015
Stephanie edit_016
Stephanie edit_017
Stephanie edit_018
Stephanie edit_019
Stephanie edit_020
Stephanie edit_022

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