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Nick and Nicole Winter Engagement at Davis Creek Park

Nicole and Nick are a warm and fun couple.  But the day we went to Davis Creek Park was cold.  I mean freezing.  Really really cold.   Imagine lots of snow, a frozen lake, and no sun to keep us warm.  Instead of being bundled up they knew they had to look great for the photos.  We spent about three hours hiking through, sitting in, throwing and rolling around in snow.   But even with a couple of slip and falls on ice, this couple did nothing but laugh and have a great time. I have to admit I was bundled up in a down coat and ski pants, heavy winter boots, gloves and those LOVELY hand warmers.   Nicole and Nick are rock stars for not letting the cold bother them.   When you look at the photos all you can see is their great attitude and the love they have for each other.  I can’t wait to shoot their wedding this summer.

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