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Kaia Fit Sierra Team– Tough Mudder at Northstar Lake Tahoe

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Are you tough enough to be a Tough Mudder?  Well I’m not.   Especially after seeing the course these ladies completed Saturday at Northstar near Lake Tahoe.   For those of you who don’t know that Tough Mudder is let me explain.  Tough Mudder is an 12-mile-hike/run/obstacle course that was designed by British Special Forces.  It also raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Yesterday the Kaia team completed the course in 5 hours AND managed to survive with smiles on their faces.  We saw lots of blood on the trail and the team even saw one man break his ankle.  But the ladies (and one team husband) met each challenge with determination and grace (as graceful as you can when you have to hike your feet above your head and pull yourself up over a wall or while you are wallowing in mud.) There were 19 obstacles including an ice pool, walls to scale, mud to wade through and electricity that stung as mudders  cried out.  The course also included a 2000 ft climb in case the obstacles weren’t hard enough.  I completed the last 2.5 miles with the team (downhill with no obstacles for me.) And that was enough.  I was beat.  Ladies, you are my heroes for what you accomplished Saturday!   I was honored to be team photographer!

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