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Family photos under the cherry blossoms in Bispebjerg Cemetery, Copenhagen

Pink!  Pink is my favorite color.  When I was eight-years-old I had pink walls in my room and even now as I write this I am sitting in my pink sweater. I have a pink bike.  I have pink Converse.  So when the cherry trees welcomed the spring in Copenhagen by exploding with pink color, I knew I had to see it and shoot it. New growth is a welcome departure from the stark brown monotones of winter.  One magical spot that draws people by the thousands is Bispebjerg Cemetery.  It might seem weird to do a photo shoot in a cemetery however Copenhageners regularly hang out and even sun bathe in them.  Behind the Søndre Kapel (Southern Chapel) stands an short avenue with (PINK!) cherry trees on both sides.   In full bloom it makes a (PINK!) tunnel.   To say that it is breath-taking really is an understatement.

So it would follow that the trees made a perfect backdrop for a mother-son photo session.  Matias and Anna were so much fun to work with as the petals fell like snow around us.  The main street was filled with people so to avoid the throngs in our photographs we had to get tow and tight.  We played there for a while but I wanted some wider shots to show more of the trees.  Before the session I scouted out a different group of trees that had no one nearby. They were just as pretty and I couldn’t believe they didn’t have their own crowd.  But it pays to take the road less traveled.  The trees weren’t pink but the sun shining through the white blossoms made it feel like a fairytale movie set.   Can you imagine doing your bridal portraits here?

bispebjerg kirkegård,

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