Family photo shoot at Bakken, amusement park, Copenhagen

Today is my friend Thomas’ birthday.  So I thought it would be the perfect time to post these photos from a quick photo shoot we did at Bakken in north Copenhagen.   Bakken is the worlds oldest amusement park founded in 1583.  It is in the middle of a forest park called Dyrehaven.  There are horse back carriage rides, outside of the amusement area and lots of food and thrill rides within.

bakken 0001
bakken 0003
bakken 0010
bakken 0002
bakken 0004
bakken 0011
bakken 0016
bakken 0005
bakken 0020
bakken 0006
bakken 0012
bakken 0013
bakken 0007
bakken 0008
bakken 0014
bakken 0015
bakken 0017
bakken 0018
bakken 0019

Thomas has five kids (two are twins!) so we didn’t have too much time with each one, but they are all sweet and happy, and the littlest were so excited to run around eating and playing and being bopped by balloons. But then again who wouldn’t be?  So a big tillykke med fødselsdagen, Thomas! 

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