Downtown Reno Wedding at the Morris Burner Hotel on 4th Street

gadget simmer blog_001 I met Gadget and Simmer two years ago at Burning Man.  It was Gadget’s first time and I think it was love at first site– love for both Simmer and Burning Man.   Once they met there was no denying that this relationship was going to be something amazing.   There was just one problem.  Gadget lives in Reno.  Simmer lives in Canada.   So after two years and dealing with immigration (you have to do it legal) and seeing them mope and pine when they were forced to be apart, Simmer was granted her visa on the condition she get married in 90 days.   Well that wasn’t a problem. On Dec. 21, the winter solstice, these two people shared their love with their burner friends and family at the new Morris Burner Hotel on 4th Street in Reno.  I am so happy and honored to be able to document this wonderful day for Gadget and Simmer.

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