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Destination Wedding at Los Suenos Resort in Costa Rica


Wow.   Let me say that again.   WOW.   Who knew Costa Rica was so amazing?  Well Brittainy and Nelson did. (Even if they didn’t at the time they decided to have their wedding there, they do now!)  The wedding was held in a resort called Los Suenos.  It is just under two hours from the capital city of San Jose, and about 5 km from Jaco, one of the hot surf spots on the Pacific Ocean.

The resort itself was amazing. It had a golf course, lots of pools, a beach, and all the plants growing there I had seen before, but as silly little house plants here in Reno.  I was super jealous of the plant life.   There were giant iguanas and tons of birds and one had a chirp that sounded like it was saying, “Brittainy.”  (I’m not making this up, true story!) On the last day the boys even saw monkeys on the golf course.

No one knew if it was going to be sunny or rainy for the wedding.  The weather changes so often there, and on the morning of the wedding it was pouring rain.

It was so hot and humid that my cameras kept fogging up.   So we had to do the unthinkable– turn off the air conditioning.  Once the cameras warmed up the fog went away and so did the rain!   I took photos of the bride and groom getting ready.

Then I took the boys out for their photo shoot on the golf course and at the pool.

I was supposed to come back and do the girls before the wedding, but they weren’t ready, so I shot the bride and got a few of the shots of the bridesmaids before we had to get to the ceremony.

The ceremony was on the beach near the pool.    Fantastic.

Everybody gathered in the pool for the group photo, and then the boys jumped in.

After the ceremony I took the bride and groom out and we went all around the resort and were even lucky enough to get a sunset.  (The only one all week!)

Then it was time to party.

and give teary speeches.

and dance.

and cake

and dance some more!

After the cake and the first dances and spending 12 hours running around in 90 degree heat AND 90% humidity, I was dead done for the night.  But the very next morning we got up and went out again for a trash the dress shoot.  These are my absolute favorite photos from the whole week, and I’m sure they will be Brittainy and Nelson’s as well.  They were such good sports to get up so early the day after the wedding.  You can’t tell they are tired, (or a bit hungover) at all!

It was a magical week down in Costa Rica, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.  Los Suenos is a beautiful place and Brittainy and Nelson are a beautiful couple.  So blessed to be apart of their big day wedding week.

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