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Bridal season is coming– are you ready? Tips for getting the best out of your wedding photography


Brides, summer and wedding season is just around the corner.  If you haven’t booked a location for you wedding and reception you will probably be doing that soon.  Here are some tips to keep in the back of your mind when you are out scouting locations.  If you follow them they will help you get the best looking photos on your special day.
Natural light—the more the better! The more natural light in room you choose to get ready in will give you better more natural and softer photos.  Your skin, dress and mother will all look better if you have big windows with light shining in.  If you book a place that doesn’t have natural lighting and the photographer has to deal with fluorescent or other incandescent lighting, your photos won’t have the same impact.   So if you book a hotel room, tell them you want a south facing room for the light.  A northern room or a room that faces another building won’t give you drama.   
Same goes for the ceremony location and the reception location.   Natural light is your friend.   Fluorescent light is the friend you pretend to like, but really can’t stand.
Props. Some of the most fun shots from weddings have come because someone had the foresight to bring props.  This could be anything from an antique suitcase to rest the brides shoes on,  or a bicycle decorated with a “Just Married” sign on the back.  These props might seem superfluous but what a great shot it would be to have bride and groom on a bike riding down a path. 
Other good props could be menus for the guests, name cards, or even a chalkboard with the bride and groom’s name on it.  When you are researching the style of your wedding don’t overlook the little things that will distinguish you from all the other weddings your guests have attended.  They needn’t be expensive.  Just ask WWMD?  (What would Martha Do?)
Last on the list but no less important are bubbles or sparklers for the new couple’s exit (or entrance.) Bubbles and sparklers make amazing and really fun photos.
At the end of the day the cake is gone, and the food has been eaten, the dress will never be worn again, but you will always have your wedding photos to look at and cherish.  Talk to your photographer for ideas to make them the most amazing photos you can on your special day.

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