Boho Monde Reno fashion shoot

On any given day between the end of September and May you will probably catch me in a scarf.  A nice, fuzzy, warm, wooly, colorful scarf.  The bigger the better as far as I’m concerned. So when my good friend Mairin told me she was starting her own accessory business called Boho Monde I was thrilled.  I love to help out friends so we got a group together and went on a photo safari in Verdi and in downtown Reno. These are the results.

BohoMonde Edit63sBohoMonde Edit90sBohoMonde Edit136sBohoMonde Edit03sBohoMonde Edit82sBohoMonde Edit17sBohoMonde Edit153s BohoMonde Edit32s BohoMonde Edit01s BohoMonde Edit127s BohoMonde Edit75s


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