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Allison & Edan Engagement session at Bartley Ranch Park, Reno

Meet Allison and Edan. We had a great time playing around at Barley Ranch for their engagement photo session. We met around 6 in the evening.   I had just scored a little red antique couch while driving through my neighborhood and so I hauled it out to the park to be a part of the photo session.  The couch is very old and needs work.  I think it could fall apart in a strong breeze.  But Allison and Edan were sports and we worked around the ricketyness (is that a word) of the couch.

After we got sick of carrying the little red couch around and almost dropping it once, we put it up and played with all the great buildings. There is a lot of variety with new and old looking buildings and we visited them all!

Allison and Edan were so much fun to work with, what a cute and happy couple.  (Just what we like to see!)  Congratulations!

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