All photographers are not created equal

Truth be told I can be a bit snobby as far as photography goes. (Ok I’m a complete snob.)  The truth about most things in life is you get what you pay for.   Liz here Twig & Turtle has been a professional photographer for over 10 years, winning many awards and being published in Time, The New York Times, Washington Post, Women’s World and other national publications.  I did not simply just pick up a camera; I have a pedigree.  When you pay for photos of your wedding or of your precious children you pay for the artistic eye and vision as well as the technical skill to get the job done.    At Twig & Turtle I believe that all little ones are special; this is not a conveyor belt of photos– the same background, the same props.   I come you so each shoot is just as unique as you are.    Remember those little ones are only little once.  You never get a re-do.  I take this to heart and work hard to capture your little one’s attitude.  Let’s just see Aunt Martha do that!

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