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I saw this show on Danish tv once, that billed Ærø as the danish island of love. I don’t know if that is true, but I do know there are a lot of weddings held on the tiny island south of Fyn, and the location is straight out of a romantic movie.

The islanders are proud of the wedding industry they have created, attracting over 5000 couples to be married every year.  I liken it to Las Vegas, in that it is easy and quick to get your marriage certificate, especially for couples who have different nationalities. Denmark does not have all the red tape found in other countries in Europe.   But the similarities with Las Vegas stop there.  Ærø is more beautiful and slower paced and, of course Danish.

As an American living in Denmark, I am eager to explore as much of the country as possible.  It is all very exotic to me, and I’m always up for a trip.  But when I saw that TV program I thought, “I must shoot a wedding on Ærø!”

I’ll tell you it did not disappoint. As for wedding backdrops go, you can’t point your camera in Ærø without finding an amazing backdrop.

I love shooting weddings.  Big weddings, small weddings, wedding close to home and destination weddings.  They all have their special allure.  I’m a girlie girl and I love the dresses and flowers, and special details that make a day so personal and perfect for the couple.

But what really drives me is documenting the love between two people on their day of days.  I know it sounds super corny, but there really is something special between two people who want to pledge themselves to each other forever.  Forget about what comes after, (all you cynics,) but for that moment frozen in time, they are sublimely happy.   This is what makes me glad.

Nadim and Liisi came from Dubai to get married. They are one of those 5000 couples that travel from around the world to say yes on the little island.  Liisi, now a yoga instructor,  left her home country of Estonia at 18 to persue her modeling career, and Nadim, an entrepreneur,  has lived in 10 different countries.  However in Dubai it is illegal to live together without being married, so a long engagement was out.   When they found Ærø on the internet, they knew that was the place for their wedding.

And as luck, or Denmark  would have it, the lovely danish weather did not disappoint. It was windy and rainy.  Liisi was AMAZING in her willingness to tough it out in a lace dress.  She put on here game face and refused to let a little storm stand in the way of her wedding photos.

Nadim had to be coaxed a little more, because  it was cold!!! He didn’t complain too much, because again this island is a fairytale,(even in bad weather,) and he was there with his love.

It was my pleasure that I could be a part of their day. Did I mention just how lovely Ærø is? See for yourself.










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